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If you're not 100% satisfied with our program, you can cancel anytime - even up to 30 days after receiving your purchase - and get a FULL REFUND.

How Our Financing Program Works

Now You Can Own Brand Name Merchansise...Guaranteed!

2 Ways to Get Approved*

1.Simply make a $99 Down Payment on any item (up to $3,500) and provide all of the following documentation:
  • Government Issued Photo ID with current address
  • Last 3 Pay Stubs with name, current address and SSN
  • Documented 12 months of on time payments to another lender or two utility companies (payment must be greater than $30 per month)
  • Three most recent bank statements
  • Voided check or card statement with your name and current address


2.Make a 20% down payment on your retail purchase and validate your identity with us.

All of our payment plan payments start at $9.99. Your Approval and merchandise delivery are subject to your Account abiding by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Purchase.


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More Details of Tronix Country's Revolving Charge Program
You can pay off your balance anytime and there is no penalty. Your credit limit, interest rates and other conditions for you to be approved will depend on your credit assessment, which may include requiring you to pay a down payment of up to twenty percent of the purchase amount. Credit limits are issued between five hundred dollars up to thirty-five hundred dollars. We attempt to assess applications in real time and will communicate with you what your credit limit will be. Any information you provide us may be verified by third party sources and you may be asked to provide additional documentation prior to receiving final approval.
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